Japanese Language Program is available at BYB Torrance!!

Let's Learn Japanese!!

 Are you interested in Japan and the language but don't know where to start? Are you planning to visit there? Do you want to study for JLPT??


 BYB Japanese center provides high quality Japanese language education and offers two types of Japanese language courses, the JHL course and the JSL course, to meet the needs of different students.

 Both courses are designed to help students acquire the four language skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing.

Even if you have objectives that do not fall into these two course themes, we can tailor a lesson style to suit your level, interests, and needs. Please feel free to contact us.


 In addition, taking into account the current coronavirus situation, we also offer online classes.

You can choose face-to-face or online classes depending on your situation (Please notify us by phone or email at least 6 hours before the class).



◯JHL(Japanese as a heritage language)

JHL is an education program for children of Japanese descent living abroad whose mother tongue is not Japanese. It is designed to help them inherit the Japanese language, which is the mother tongue of their parents or grandparents.

We teach them how to make everyday expressions, culture and language, words, idioms, proverbs, etc. that are difficult to learn as one would expect while living abroad.

It also helps students to understand how Japanese is used in media such as songs, games, TV, movies, and the Internet.


◯JSL (Japanese as a second language)

JSL is an education that supports learners who have no background in Japanese and are in an environment where they hardly use Japanese.

JSL is carefully taught to those who have never studied Japanese before, those who want to learn it as a second language and go on to higher education in the U.S. or Japan, and those who want to obtain the JLPT.



Learning Japanese is not easy but it's lots of fun here at BYB!! Join us and let's enjoy learning Japanese!!










◯JHL(Japanese as a heritage language, 継承日本語教育)






◯JSL(Japanese as a second language, 第二言語としての日本語)




*You will learn about 1,700 basic words and more than 300 Kanji characters used in everyday life when you compete J4.


JHL (Japanese as a heritage language) Class

  • Japanese Textbook


JSL (Japanese as a second language) Class

  • JYL (Japanese for Young Learners) textbook
  • Genki Vol. 1 & Vol. 2

Tuition and Fees

Price List (Price per person)

Lesson Style

Private Lesson

Expiration Date



Kids    --------------



1hr. Lesson


$51.00 $50.00 $49.00 N/A


20hrs. Package*









7 Months

(Depends on courses) 

 *Flexible payment plans are available.

Enrollment Fee: $100.00/per person

*Unfortunately, enrollment fee and tuition fees for private lessons are non-refundable.


Class changes

You may change your schedule as long as you notify us 6hrs in advance.


Changes by BYB

Our class schedules, instructors may be subject to change. The students will be notified by email.


Cancellations by BYB

BYB may change/cancel a schedule class due to compelling reasons. In such a case, we will schedule a make-up class for the following week.

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